​​​​​​​​​​​​OAT-BOOST is a unique product made to enhance fruit smoothies combining  Gluten free whole oats, Pea protein and probiotics. with no added flavours, sugars or sweeteners .  It's also lactose free and additive free.  The fact that we use pea protein makes it ideal for vegans or people avoiding whey proteins.

We use Bc30 probiotics which is a type of probiotic that enhances protein and carbohydrate digestion, very popular within athletes and body builders. In other words this type of probiotic helps  utilize the added protein better.

Studies have shown that protein and vitamin absorption is relative to your digestive health. It's not about the amount of protein you add but the amount your body can absorb.  

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​People enhance fruit smoothies with protein, oats and probiotics. Unfortunately most of the protein available in the market comes with artificial flavours and are loaded with sugars or sweeteners which combined with the added flavour totally changes the natural taste of the fruit you are adding.

With OAT-BOOST you enhance naturally   


OAT-BOOST  Available April 2017 in

25g / individual one serving package. 

300g / 12 serving  large bags.