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Oats for a Healthier You

Oatdeal in Saskatoon, SK offers oat-based mixes that are manufactured with your wellness in mind. Our products are ideal for people who are looking for a great meal-replacement drink, as well as those who want to live a healthier life.

Enhancing fruit smoothies is now a popular way of consuming protein and other nutrients. However, most of the protein mixes on the market come with artificial flavours, and are loaded with sugars or sweeteners. These ingredients totally change the natural taste of the beverage and added fruits.

With OatBoost, you can enhance your drinks naturally. OatBoost is a powder mix that is made for fruit smoothies. It has no flavour, sugar, or sweetener, so it does not interfere with the taste of your drink.

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Why Are Oats Good for Digestion?

The added oats in OatBoost help your digestive system as prebiotics, which is the food for probiotics. Together, oats and probiotics set the proper conditions for protein and nutrient absorption.

Probiotics need food and fibre to multiply and require a balance between good and bad bacteria. Studies have shown that improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio have a direct correlation to nutrient and protein absorption and overall digestive health.

What Is GanedenBC30®?

The GanedenBC30® probiotic, which is Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086, is surrounded by a protective protein shell that shields it from corrosive stomach acids. Without this protective layer of proteins, the probiotic bacteria that supports your digestive health is less likely to get where it needs to be.

Laboratory studies show GanedenBC30® bacteria survive 10 times better than other probiotics, including those found in yogurt products and other leading probiotic supplements. With GanedenBC30®, you can get the specially targeted digestive help you need.

Research on GanedenBC30® demonstrates that the probiotic does a lot to keep your digestive system working at full speed. Several studies also found that GanedenBC30® can reduce bloating, gas-related stomach problems, and even abdominal pain.

In addition to helping people digest food better, GanedenBC30® increases your body’s utilization of minerals and proteins. It can even support immune function.


Promote Digestive Health With OatBoost

Most products on the market tell people to get more protein. However, it’s more important to consider the amount of protein your body can absorb.

When you drink a beverage with OatsBoost, you can get the nutrients you need to promote digestive health. It has prebiotics, oats, and p-protein, all of which helps enhance protein digestion and absorption.

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How Does OatBoost Work?

Before the good bacteria in OatBoost reaches the intestines, where it works to support your overall digestive health, it passes through the stomach. The stomach’s harsh acidic environment makes it difficult for ordinary probiotic supplements to survive, and that’s what separates GanedenBC30® probiotics from the rest.


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