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Introducing Oatmeal Drinks to Canada

Oatdeal was founded in 2012 by George Barreras and his wife, Hiscay Rivera. The purpose of the couple was to introduce Canadians to oatmeal drinks and hot smoothies.

How It All Started

More than 11 years ago, George and Hiscay escaped their homeland of Colombia with 2 suitcases and 2 kids. Colombia was a particularly violent place at the time, so the couple left everything behind and moved to Saskatoon, SK to start a new life.

In countries with a significant Hispanic population, consuming warm oatmeal drinks is common. When George and Hiscay came to Canada, the world’s largest producer of oats, they expected oat drinks to be popular in the country.

The couple soon noticed that the smooth, warm oatmeal beverages they were used to drinking back in Colombia were nowhere to be found. With Canada being a cold country, and with not many warm beverage options available, they decided to fill a gap in the hot drink market that the Canadians did not know existed.

“We want to create an original Canadian winter drink made out of a crop grown in Canadian soil (oats).”

Today, Oatdeal products are sold in the USA Hispanic market and Canada. George and Hiscay still live in Saskatoon and are proud to call Canada home.


What Sets Us Apart?

Excellent Food Processing Facility

Our facility is HACCP approved, and our products are gluten-free and certified organic. Additionally, we are approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA for processed foods.

Reputable Company

Since we opened our business, we have been featured in important food magazines, newspapers, and TV channels, including CTV, CBC, and Global. Our business was listed by Food in Canada magazine as one of the top 10 companies to watch in 2015. Additionally, we were featured on Dragon’s Den, a reality TV show.

Woman Drinking Fresh Fruit Smooth

Business Info.


1438 Fletcher Road

Saskatoon, SK S7M 5T2


Phone: 306-202-7539

For orders or distribution options in USA please contact :

J & A Executive Distributors
M: 1-214.705.2671 Ext. 1
F: 1-844.530.0630
Email: USA@avenaideal.com

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