The oats used in all of our products are certified gluten free according to the standards established by the gluten free certification (GFCO) in the  U.S. with less than 5 ppm.  Our products can be labelled gluten free in the U.S and Canada.


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OATDEAL founders pitching to the Dragons

Click play and listen to the interview made to George Barreras founder of OATDEAL

OATDEAL  is a Saskatoon based company that produces Gluten free oat-based smoothies made with 100% Canadian prairies grown oats, probiotics, with added milk and without milk.  Our product is a delicious easy to prepare dry mix with no chemicals  or preservatives added; we are proud to say we are a CLEAN LABEL COMPANY.

Canada is a country with long winters, unfortunately people are not familiar with hot smoothies or winter drinks.  The average Canadian drinks hot coffee, hot chocolate or tea during winter and many are not aware they can enjoy a warm healthy drink made out of oats.

We are proud to say  we are the first company in Canada producing oat- based smoothies and the first company in the world producing a healthy coffee whitener / creamer made out of oats. 

We process our products at a federal regulated facility and (CFIA)  Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved.

We are now developing  a new line of products called OAT-BOOSTmade to enhance fruit smoothies.

Many people like to enhance their fruit smoothies with protein, Oats  and probiotics. Unfortunately most of the proteins in the market come with artificial flavors and are sweetened with sugars or  sweeteners which combined with the added flavor change the natural taste of the smoothies,  not allowing consumers to enjoy the real flavor and natural sweetness of the fruits they are adding.  

OAT-BOOST is a unique product made to enhance fruit smoothies which combines  Gluten free whole oats, Pea protein and probiotics. It has no added flavors , sugars or sweeteners, lactose free, additive free and Gluten free. 

The fact that we use pea protein makes it ideal for vegans and people avoiding whey proteins. 

We use Bc30 probiotics which is a type of probiotics that enhance protein and carbohydrate digestion, very popular within athletes and body builders. 


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