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Oatdeal is a Canadian company based in Saskatoon, SK. Our business is the first in the country to offer oat-based smoothies, as well as the first to conceptualize hot smoothies.

We are here to introduce you to our line of oat-based smoothies and our new OatBoost products. Considering Canada is the top oat-producing country worldwide, it seemed natural that these types of drinks and products are made available in our country.

Canadians usually drink hot coffee, hot chocolate, or tea during winter. However, many are unaware that they can enjoy a warm, healthy drink made out of oats, a crop grown on Canadian soil.

An oatmeal smoothie is a great drink for cold days. With our products, people can start their day with a warm and filling drink. If preferred, our oatmeal smoothie mixes can be prepared with cold beverages.

OATBOOST is a unique product made to enhance fruits smoothies, combining oats, probiotics, prebiotics and protein. The combination of these ingredients help your body absorb nutrients and protein more efficiently.

All-Natural Goodness

We are a Clean Label company, which means our products have no chemicals, preservatives, or modified products added. Additionally, our goods are made with 100% Canadian ingredients, and come with added probiotics.

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Why OatBoost?

OATBOOST combination of ingredients improves your good-to-bad bacteria ratio. “Studies have shown that improving this ratio has a direct correlation to NUTRIENT& PROTEIN absorption and overall digestive health.

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Simple and Easy Preparation

To prepare an oatmeal smoothie, blend our dry mix with hot or cold milk. For our OatBoost products, the mix can be blended with a variety of ingredients to create a great-tasting smoothie or shake.

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Why Drink Oatmeal Smoothies?

An oatmeal smoothie is a natural source of protein, fibre, iron, and probiotics so it makes for a nourishing quick meal or snack. Additionally, oats make you feel full and satisfied on lower calories.

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